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Whether it is Taipei or Kaohsiung, triple or Hengchun, from north to south every town and city are active in the game, choose your starting point, hundreds of town disputes, the national territory Attack, every war is home to life and death! Do not attack, only destroy mission! Taiwan people fight up! 

[Military strategy, strategizing thousands of miles] 
by the slightly Kyushu, parody of the world. From the personal military strategy, the development of resources, to the national point of view of the global, multi-national joint strategy, far from near attack, who is "laughing the world" the most strong counselor? Wolong, Jia Xu, Guo Jia, or you? 

[Real battlefield, arms phase with each other grams] 
war country war, unparalleled will! Simulation of the real battlefield, the leader of the real, the real reduction of infantry, archers, cavalry units of arms against! Famous auxiliary war, arms phase grams, multi-troop training, the establishment of a strong military system to help fight siege, you are the highest commander! 

【Winner is king, loser destroy the country】 【ugly 
no clothes, and children with robe! In the game, you will cooperate with the other brothers of the same country, attack and match the city. This is not your game of a person, this is a group of people with the blood of the war! The winner of the world, the loser destroy the country. The people of the country battle exposed, you do not come to justice hero, campaign Quartet? 
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